Accommodate Everyone

June 2018 Dine and Development presented by:
Jerome Rader, VP of Human Resources
MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc.

 Jerome Rader, VP of Human Resources, MBS Texbook Exchange, Inc. did a great presentation called “Accommodate Everyone.”  His presentation focused on the employer’s obligation to provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities.  He laid to rest the notion that accommodations had to be expensive or unreasonable.

Jerome used real world examples to bring the attendees into the conversation such as:

  1. An employee’s spouse phones the employee’s supervisor to inform her that the employee had a medical emergency due to multiple sclerosis, and needed to  be hospitalized.
  2. An employee says “The bright lights above my cubicle give me migraines.”
  3. An employee has been out of work with a back injury. The employee’s doctor sends the employer a letter, stating that the employee is released to return to work, but with certain work restrictions.
  4. An employee tells her supervisor, “I’m having trouble getting to work at my scheduled starting time because of my depression.”

Citing a 4 step guide to accommodations, Notify, Interactive Process, Determine and Review, Jerome educated attendees to involve their HR department right away.

We’ve added his PowerPoint presentation – just in case you’d like to have a copy of it.

Download the Jerome Rader's PowerPoint