Not many know that I have a sister with Down’s Syndrome. She is 57 years old, lives in Texas, and I rarely see her.  She lives in a group home, has a job and  is doing very well.  Because of my sister, as a student at Missouri State University, in the 80’s, my volunteer work revolved around individuals with “different abilities.”

A couple of years ago, my volunteer work came full circle and I was introduced to this amazing group of folks that are very passionate.  Passionate about helping qualified candidates find jobs while I’ve been passionate about improving the culture of businesses in our community.  We now have our chance.  We collaborated on the needs of employers for quality, qualified employees and have developed this website to help connect job applicants and employers through one portal.

Best of all, it’s free!
Kat Cunningham

President, Moresource, Inc.

My life’s work has been devoted to assisting people with achieving their career goals.  I have always been committed to win-win situations, where an individual’s talents match a business’s need in an employee.  I am constantly reminded of the value of work in a person’s life and that people really can rise to the challenge when given opportunity.

The reason I am driven professionally to develop these relationships is a personal one.   Diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in high school, and an anxiety disorder soon after, I quickly learned that some people may see my diagnoses as my defining traits.  My diagnoses don’t define me.  As is true for all people, I have talents, strengths, and gifts.  I also have areas where I need support and assistance.  This website is designed to recognize the abilities of all people and the contributions they can make to their community

Jessica Mahon

Director of Employment Services, Alternative Community Training (ACT)

I consider myself an advocate, in my personal and professional life.  I feel fortunate to live in a time when everyone has a shot at productive citizenship and community membership – in which “disability” is no longer misunderstood to mean “can’t do”.  I’ve been with Boone County Family Resources for over half my life – and embrace its mission in supporting people to thrive, connect and achieve.  Knowing there’s an untapped labor force of people with marketable abilities, I’ve appreciated my involvement with the group of folks who launched this website, as a resource for businesses and job seekers to connect.

Mark Satterwhite

Boone County Family Resources

By chance 24 years ago in Sedalia, Missouri, my path changed to working with individuals with developmental disabilities. When I moved here to Columbia in 1994, I had an opportunity to change back to my original career path. After much thought, I realized that I had found my calling and accepted a position as Support Coordinator at Boone County Family Resources.  I focused heavily on preparing youth for moving into the workplace as valuable employees. In 2001, I moved to my current department, in Life & Work Connections, and continued that focus on youth, as well as adults. I strive each day to insure that our community has prepared workers and that the people I serve reach the highest level of employment that they want and are qualified to attain. I’ve been involved with groups and organization that support those same goals. I look forward to assisting employers with developing the training and supports needed to achieve an inclusive and vital workforce in our local community.

Renee Carter

Client Services Coordinator III, Boone County Family Resources

MORE Group provides employment services and supports for persons with disabilities by way of assisting individuals in identifying realistic job goals, obtain and retain employment for which they’re qualified. This has been my career for over 40 years but the last six years with MORE Group have been the most rewarding years of my working.

One of our Guiding Principles is Win/Win. To bring life to this principle, we seek out the best job matches we can find so the individual’s goals are realized and the business experiences value in its hiring decision. We don’t take our responsibility in this lightly – there’s too much at stake for all concerned. We strive for the Win/Win – it’s a benchmark of success and it’s a victory worth celebrating.

Greg Wingert

More Group

Life is full of struggle, we all realize this from an early age.  When life events begin to drain your strength, swallowing you whole, you feel overwhelmed desperate – HELPLESS – not knowing where to turn – how or even where to start.  You can feel that somehow you are the only one going through this.

And then you discover there are resources out there to help you.  To lend aide, train and educate you, to provide you a hand up, and people to lend you their strength when yours is exhausted – amazing!

Having personally been affected by a loved one struggling with a disability, I am honored to have been asked to lean into this project.  Bringing together a collaborative effort to join applicants to employers has been a labor of love.

Dan Stewart

Vice President, Moresource, Inc.